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Welcome to Buy Local North Tyneside!

The aim of this website and associated social media pages is to promote local people buying local in North Tyneside, we aim to connect consumers to businesses!

Use this page to manage your listing and request advertising, all of which is free!

Registering your business

Registration is free, via this link: – We do not accept registrations from any other source, nor will we ever ask for any form of payment! If you have a preferred logo or other artwork that you would like us to use, please email it to, remember to mention your business name!

Update your listing

If you need anything updating on your listing, please email details of the required change to In some cases, we may contact the business directly to verify the details provided.

If you would like to update your status in relation to the ever-changing COVID restrictions, please use this link to provide the details –

We will process these as quickly as we can and post an update on our social media pages.

Request FREE Social Media Advertising

As part of our work, we offer free social media advertising to listed businesses. Please submit your details via this form –

If you have any artwork you would like used with your adverts, please send it to We will generally publish an advert 10 times across 30 days per platform.

Press Coverage and Social Media Pages

See our press coverage and Social Media platforms here

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Get Involved

We are encouraging all registered businesses to display: a small window sticker to show their connection with Buy Local North Tyneside; and also an A3 or A4 poster urging consumers to use our site and to buy local or to to say ‘byebye to local’. If you would like to display these, please let us know by emailing and we will arrange delivery. We will be including these in a downloadable format soon as part of our Buy Local North Tyneside Business Toolkit.

We will soon be making our ‘Buy Local North Tyneside’ toolkit available for listed businesses… This will provide downloadable posters, leaflets and more! Helping you generate more local customers and improve customer loyalty! Check back soon for full details.