Our name is a tribute to one of the greatest dynasties in the history of Southern India, to have ruled nearly 700 years and influenced the cuisine of the land in great measures. Zamorin is the European version of Samoothiri – a dynasty that ruled over the district of Malabar and flourished during the Age of Exploration hosting “...merchants of all parts...” in the words of globe trotter Ibn Batuta (A.D. 1342–47). Their vision of a progressive and inclusive state laid foundation to one of the greatest trading ports in the ancient world – Port of Calicut. It witnessed great exchanges of cultures, traditions, fashion, ancient crafts et al from the eastern and western nations alike to become one of the crown jewels in international trade. This melange of styles and the indigenous culinary art laid foundation to a very rich culinary history to the present day South Indian cuisine. It is this rich history realized by the Samoothiri's rule that triggered our imagination to name our venture Zamorins - a place where a goulash of ideas can spring and traditional food can be served reminding us of a golden era.


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