Whitley Bay Sporting Club

Founded in 1960 as Whitley Bay Boys Club, Whitley Bay Sporting Club is a registered charity and an FA Charter Standard Club. The aims of the charity are to: 1. Promote community participation in healthy recreation by providing facilities to play football and; 2. The advancement of children and young people’s education, whether or not undergoing formal education. As an FA Charter Standard Club, Whitley Bay SC operates to the highest standards the FA have set for football clubs, something which has seen us become a Nike Partner Club from season 2015/16. We encourage fair play and sportsmanship and praise performance and effort more than results. In the the season 2019/20 Whitley Bay Sporting Club has over 700 playing members


24 Hepscott Dr, Whitley Bay NE25 9XJ


07443 439715

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