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Trading currently suspended due to supply issues and relocation in progress.

I began making weights from the age of 8 with my father and a couple of friends supplying local businesses with weights on a regular basis, we stopped when I was 13 for circumstances beyond control and I was unlucky enough to have a large break between stopping and starting again. The business was founded after lengthy discussions between myself my father and a friend Alan Bell who is sadly no longer with us who was instrumental in making the business the success it became in the short term of trading originally and it was my father and Alan that taught me weight making from initial preparations to the production and cleaning and it is those lessons that I still use today ensuring quality control with even the eyes being Alan's own design and tested beyond breaking point from over 40 years ago. The basis of the business is to provide low-cost weights across the nation to the public through retail outlets so all receive low-cost high-quality weights at an affordable price. I aim to build Weights Away ltd so I can then pass on to my children and when they are ready to pass the reigns on so they can then continue with the same quality control and value.


17 Percy Street, Wallsend, Tyne And Wear, NE28 7SF




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