Sue Slater Mosaics

My name is Sue Slater and I design, make and teach mosaics. Everyone can enjoy mosaics, whether it’s buying a small one as a special gift or commissioning a larger mosaic as a piece of artwork for your home or workplace. My mosaic workshops are informal and relaxed whilst focusing on teaching the skills and techniques required to practice this very enjoyable and therapeutic craft. My large scale community mosaic projects can benefit vulnerable adults and children, as participants can learn new skills, develop team working and increase their confidence. There is always a great sense of achievement when people see their work on display in public. These mosaics also enhance the environment and demonstrate to the public what participants are capable of. I live on the North East coast of England and I often use the sea and all that it means to as my inspiration. My mosaic designs include boats, sea life, mermaids and local landmarks. I also like to incorporate shells, pebbles and beach glass into some of my mosaics so there is a little of the coast in them.


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