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The Reluctant Story starter pack is here! We’ve almost all been there when we have to tell people about what we do. We know that using stories (not just telling them!) is going to be a great way to build interest but we don’t know who’d be interested or how to tell them. This is your starting point.

There haven’t been many upsides of all the lock-downs and screw-ups over the past year, but having the time to prepare this is one of them. Now it’s possible to understand more of the science behind using stories rather than just telling them and hoping for the best!.

But before you rush into it, know that this is only the starting point! It’s an astonishingly good starting point, but you’re not going to be a Olympic grade performer in just a couple of hours! 😉

Presentation Genius is about making your presentations better based on the *science* of what works, not just opinion! It's science-research-based, delivered by ex-professional performers to make it interesting


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