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Notify is a complete Health & Safety system that comes with a suite of app and cloud-based modules meaning you can pick and choose the right ones for your organisation. With NotifyIM (Incident Management) any employee within any business, wherever they may be working around the world, can report near-misses and incidents using our app. Incidents can be then viewed and managed via our cloud-based management software, meaning no more accident reporting books or complicated spreadsheets. Managers can assign, track and follow-up actions meaning no incident or near-miss goes unreported. NotifyAI (Audits & Inspections) will then help your organisation to generate audits, safety inspections and checklists, saying goodbye to hefty paper trails. With NotifyRA (Risk Assessments) you can revolutionise how you manage risk and occupational hazards in your business. All of this comes together via our 360 Dashboards, which provide real-time management reporting data, giving you an instant overview of things such as incidents reported, actions outstanding, audits in progress and so much more. Notify is, quite simply, a lifesaver.


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