McCartney Sweet Shop and General Dealer

Morning everyone.
Here at McCartneys we love a little nostalgia and try to remind you all of the good ol’ days when you come to our shop.
To help you on that trip down memory lane we try to replicate the shops from that time . Here’s some of the things we’ve done so far.
We have our original old style Avery scales that still measures in pounds and ounces.
We’re always checking out local auctions to get hold of any old advertising/marketing signs or pictures to decorate the place.
We have a wall behind the counter filled with all kinds of sweets from the traditional boiled sweets and bonbons to modern day sweets and chocolate.
And we always try our best to give you the best customer service we can by having a little chat with you and opening the door etc.
So if you fancy a trip down memory lane pop in and say hello ?.


97a Station Road, Forest Hall, NE12 7HS


0191 447 4484

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