Justice Prince CIC

Justice Prince CIC, registered in March 2007, was set up by two sisters; Karen Clark and Julie Cruddas. Both Karen and Julie have vast experience in grassroots community development, teaching, training, and social research. They have extensive in-depth knowledge, experience, and skills gained from hands-on grassroots work in areas of severe deprivation supporting excluded sectors and individuals to engage in positive social action to transform lives and neighbourhoods. Experience includes work across sectors and within wide and varied contexts e.g. UK, Europe, and Africa.


The Oxford Centre, W Farm Ave, Longbenton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 8LT


0191 266 1717


Monday 8.30am - 4pm

Tuesday 8.30am - 4pm

Wednesday 8.30am - 4pm

Thursday 8.30am - 4pm

Friday 8.30am - 4pm

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