GELATO Gelato, Italian for ice cream, is a natural luxury discovered by the Romans and mastered through four generations of our family. Our homemade Gelato is freshly made by hand every day following our secret family recipe which dates back to c. 1925. Like our ancestors, we continue to use only the finest ingredients and the creamiest milk which has been sourced from local dairy farms. It is through our commitment to QUALITY, FRESHNESS and most importantly TRADITION, which distinguishes our award winning Gelato from other ordinary ice creams. Grazie, godetevi il vostro gelato Luciano Di-Meo ROMANO'S TRADITIONAL ITALIAN PIZZAS Real homemade Italian Pizzas made using Italian Pizza flour, the finest Italian tomatoes, 100% Pure Mozzarella cheese & extra Virgin Italian Olive oil. STONEBAKED TO PERFECTION THE OLD FASHIONED WAY! Boun Appetito! ROMANO DI-MEO


9 Marine Ave, Whitley Bay NE26 1LX


0191 252 3814


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