This is for sure going to hit some people really hard.
I want to help.
In what ever way I can.
I believe ( although please let me know if you think I have read the guidelines incorrectly) that I can still do 1 to 1 sessions outdoors socially distanced.
If anyone would benefit from having an exercise program to follow, some 1 to 1 training sessions through zoom or similar or even just some fitness / health/ exercise tips to help you through this totally crap time then please feel free to get in touch.
Sessions will be cheap because I’m going to be completely honest here …I thoroughly dislike doing online training and I’m not very good at it. NOW THATS WHAT I CALL MARKETING!! ???‍♂️
I just want to be honest… So there is no way that people should pay for a service that just isn’t as good. I am used to training people face to face which is what I am good at.
And zoom infuriates me!!!!
So cheap cheap ???
I am going to put out some videos of various exercises that you can feel free to check out –
• various stretches and mobility exercises
•core and strength exercises
•surf specific exercises
•boxing specific exercises
Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe @coastfit
It’s hard not to feel a little bit flat and deflated but let’s crak on and not let this wanky virus beat us.
If I could just make one suggestion…..give yourself a small target everyday to give some purpose , structure ( it doesn’t even have to be exercise related)
Personal training indoors and outdoors focusing primarily on core stability for surfing.
'My Health and fitness journey started very young. I was always the kid with lots of energy wanting to be outside playing with my friends and not much has changed! I love to be outdoors, being with people, moving my body. Which is why this job is the perfect fit for me and why I have been successfully doing it for over 15 years.
My training over the years has progressed as my knowledge has developed. From ‘always go as hard as possible, I have since adopted a far more balanced and holistic approach not just to fitness but overall health and lifestyle. I am a firm believer that balance is the key to success. I apply this ethos to my own life as well as to my clients with outstanding results. I like to encourage my clients to train smarter, not harder and not to just move more, but to move better.'


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