Clean Slate Financial Wellbeing

What Clean Slate offers is a holistic approach to the financial state that many vulnerable people find themselves. We look at a whole series of measures to try and get the person back in control, and equally important - that they remain in control. For many, it is a rediscovery of lost 'financial capability' skills and realising that the basics remain the same as ever. The topics covered, although the list is not exhaustive, nor does everyone need to cover all the points:-
- Claiming the correct benefit entitlement
- Managing all debts, and producing a management plan to reduce them
- Finding affordable credit - to seek out credit that can be realistically paid back
- Avoiding fuel poverty - to assist with finding the best price and assistance with energy efficiency
- Signposting people back into work, training or volunteering
- Helping people understand the many choices available for other financial products, such as bank accounts, home contents insurance, savings, etc.
- Produce a realistic budget detailing all household income and expenditure that is both accurate and realistic, and to encourage that it be kept updated.
- Knowing where to go for FREE and CONFIDENTIAL advice in the future to help sustain their stability


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