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Authentically ADHD UK – Navigating you through the world of ADHD
I am Kirsty Leach an ADHD counsellor and Coach based in the North East of England living close to Newcastle.

With having ADHD myself and raising neurodivergent children I am in a strong position to support you.

I operate from a strength based approach acknowledging the barriers and difficulties of living with ADHD. Working collaboratively alongside you to explore solutions and strategies that suit you and your family. For your children I am passionate about raising their self esteem, helping them to discover their strengths and build their resilience. With adults I work with you to set goals and to unlock your creativity and potential. For parents and carers I am committed to supporting you to understand your child, their unique brain wiring and empowering you to become their strongest advocate. I understand it’s not always easy to ask for help but rest assured at Authentically ADHD UK you will receive non judgemental and confidential support.


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