AD In The Hole (AITH)

Ad In The Hole provides a unique concept whereby companies/brands can directly target the golfing community by placing messages on the bottom of the golf cups on all the greens of golf courses. Advertisers reach affluent golfers in an uncluttered, relaxed environment - with the repetitive power of more than 50x-per-round exposure for a single golfer generating a proven 91% retention rate... at an extremely low cost! Golf courses generate big bottom-line revenue - with no cost and virtually no extra work - enhancing profitability at public, semi-private, private and resort golf clubs nationwide. After 10 years and with over a thousand Golf clubs worldwide participating in the concept, Ad in the Hole UK has developed a business model that will help golf clubs throughout the UK and provide the opportunity for people to work in the golf world and for participating clubs to benefit from the system. The concept itself is simple: golf clubs are provided with a complete set of a patented hole system, free of charge and the Ad In the Hole Agents find businesses local and national to advertise in an effective advertising medium. For the advertisers it gets their brands in front of an attractive demographic which is proven to have high impact while for the golf clubs it produces both a significant income and builds relationships with business


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